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Safety light curtains LIGI

LIGI Blende


The LIGI complies with the standard requirements of doors and gates.

The intelligent safety light curtain LIGI can be mounted as a optoelectronic safety edge directly onto the gate curtain. When the gate closes, each of the single light-beams are covered in sequence and when opening each in turn is again uncovered. This is registered as a normal movement of the gate and will therefore not trigger an interruption. The entire cover-area is monitored up to a height of 2500mm.

The LIGI makes installation of a optoelectronic safety edge on the door curtain and possibly even of a junction box and spiral cable unnecessary.

A particular advantage is the contact-free detection of obstructions, without a build-up of closing-forces. The LIGI is therefore particularly suitable for older gate systems that exceed the permitted max force-limit.

With its minimal measurements of only 16 x 16mm, the LIGI is simple to install and its filled with epoxy resin aluminum casing is environmentally stable.

The compact LIGI design allows for a monitoring field almost up to the lintel.

LIGI-01 - Katalog_2018_DE.pdf